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On Cryptoplatforming we have the latest news on Crypto and coin information. Searching for reviews of where to invest in Crypto and Coins? U are at the right place.

Want to invest in Coins? Dont know where to start?

Thats a question that we get a lot of times. And we get it.. its a new world and there aren’t that many legal players around.

We made a list of al the platforms where u can buy your coins and the advantage or disadvantage of that platform. Also there is some other intell like free coins on sign-up etc.

Coin platform list

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Coin platforms

A list of all the platforms where u can buy your coins.

Coin news

The latest news on coins in your language.

Launch pads

Wanna buy your coins straight of a launchpad or want to be one of the first for a new coin?


We gather information about a lot of coins to go straight into succes.


I was totally new within the coin sector. But Cryptoplatforming did show me the intell on the different platforms.

– Brigitte

Made my entrance in a launchpad via cryptoplatforming. Not gonna share with anyone.. 🙂

– Jork

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