$ 100k BTC, $ 10k ETH, Practical 2021 Cost Predictions

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  1. Bitcoin (BTC) returned to $40,000 on Jan. 8 as another price consolidation period ended characteristically briefly. On Dec. 8, exactly one month ago, Bitcoin was hovering around the $18,700 range, with many analysts debating as to whether the flagship asset would be able to sustain its bullish momentum and cross its all-time high value close to $20,000. Well, how quickly things have changed since then because within a period of just 30 days, Bitcoin (BTC) has repeatedly scaled up to new ATHs, even surpassing the $40,000 barrier. Over the course of the last seven days, BTC has exhibited a substantial growth of around 41%, with the digital asset seemingly breaking new ground with each passing day. However, this has led to investors becoming increasingly nervous since there are many who immediately are given flashbacks of the 2018 crash that resulted in most cryptocurrencies crashing hard within a matter of days. I encourage everyone to watch closely so as not to get caught off guard. Or better still obtain a better strategy and profit from this great breakout. Thinking of a way to make the best from bitcoin seeing as the prices surge even higher made me go on research which was how i found an expert, well a friend introduced him to me. And we spoke on ways to help my trades and get great results. All he did was provide signals for me to trade with and here i am today, trading all by myself. I make 70% of profits weekly with the signals of Mr Kenneth Wilfred. He is a life saver and i am so glad to be part of the few traders and holders out there profiting from Bitcoin's upsurge. He is currently taking in lots of traders and lending assistance to them. To take part in this program just send a text to him on either whatsapp @+13152353757 or telegram @kenneth019

  2. But 0,14 of btc price wasnt when btc attacked $20k, it was when btc already dropped significantly. 0,14 x $20 000 would be = $2800 but it was only $1400 and not $2800. So it doesnt make sense. Btw I have a bag of eth..

  3. Good reviews, tyvm

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