$35,000 XRP Price Prediction When They Acquire SEC Lawsuit

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40 thoughts on “$35,000 XRP Price Prediction When They Acquire SEC Lawsuit”

  1. How could anybody get away with making predictions so ridiculous to lead people on two out rages numbers and then expect to get away with it $1.02 dollars maybe $10 these guys are saying 10,000 and they’re not saying 10 years from now they’re saying soon within a year think for yourselves just a little bit just because he has a channel Doesn’t make him correct I sure hope it hits 10,000 I bet he only has a couple of hundred XRP is himself you should have thousands if he believes in it so much tens of thousands at least 20,000

  2. This guy is a complete idiot for even suggesting 35k. He has zero idea of market cap and entertaining a stupid idea. This is pure clickbait and a video with no merit.

  3. XRP = 35k
    Market Cap = 1,597,272,000,000,000

    The ones who told you that bitcoin was under a dollar and now it's 58k should know that the total supply of Bitcoin is 21 millions compare to XRP which is 45.4 billion

  4. Hey buddy could you send me like $5K since you made over $250k recently? Honestly i just want to setup a decent position in Crypto. Please let me know, im having a hard time saving up for a good crypto bag, greed is not good either brother. If you reply soon i will send you my email and then ill send you my Crypto address and no im not a bot. God bless brother 😊🙏


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