ALL MY ETH Sold for April’s best coin

Let me recap my large ETH dump from final week and what I set into it Moreover where by I am relocating my winnings from the dump to. Abide by me on Twitter @zssbecker for more phone calls/NFT giveaways/trolls. .

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44 thoughts on “ALL MY ETH Sold for April’s best coin”

  1. Maybe he takes drugs , but then am playing it at double speed 2x lolhoodie and sunglasses maybe has some drugs to sell lol I don't know why they don't just tell pl. when you buy they sell at highs and make money off the audience 😆🤣 camera on the side makes you want to ridicule them , they think its artistic 😆🤣😂

  2. 1. PAID Network
    2. Shopping
    3. OVR
    4. Polkadot
    5. Curate
    6. Bridge Mutual
    7. Origin Protocol
    8. Chain Games
    9. Blank Wallet
    10. Cardano
    11. Chiliz
    12. PancakeSwap
    13. Aave

    Out of all these, only Polkadot, Cardano and PancakeSwap are viable Options to consider…

  3. King of crypto gets out of Ada and ethereum before it takes off. Look at how many subscribers he has of course he was paid to make this video and did not sell you can’t trust this guy


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