Anthony Pompliano’s Story: Lessons on Bitcoin, Living and Investing (with Raoul Pal)

Anthony Pompliano, investor at Pomp Investments, joins Real Vision CEO Raoul Pal to discuss Pompliano’s early career, his investment journey and his foray into the Bitcoin space. Pompliano describes his background starting with college and his time in the military to the present day, sharing some of the most important lessons he has learned for life and investment. He talks about how he launched his first fund with very little knowledge about investing and the importance of investing in yourself. Believing that builders seeking capital will in the future prefer investments from individuals rather than institutions, Pompliano cites the importance of an individual’s brand awareness and how that can help promote new products. Filmed on January 11, 2021. Key Lessons: Pompliano suggests always listening to smart people when they are excited about new products or ideas, and thinks about how he should have listened more carefully when first told about Bitcoin. In early stage investments, he emphasizes how crucial it is to invest in smart and passionate founders, as they have a lot of skin involved and dedicate their lives to a product. In terms of investing in Bitcoin, Pomp’s fund mainly invests in its infrastructure, with only a small portion allocated directly to the asset itself. Thank you for watching The Interview, the world’s premier business and finance interview series. Subscribe to our channel now for more videos like this one: Want even more content like this? And to see this video before we release it here? Join Real Vision – Get started 7 days for just $ 1: About Real Vision ™: Real Vision ™ is where you can gain insight into the complex world of finance, business and the global economy with real in-depth analysis from real experts . Connect with Real Vision ™ Online: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Linkedin: Anthony Pompliano’s Story: Lessons on Bitcoin, Living and Investing (with Raoul Pal) Visit for the transcript: Disclaimer: This is pretty clear, but we should probably say it anyway so there is absolutely no confusion … The material in REAL VISION GROUP’s video programs and publications {collectively referred to as “RV RELEASES”} is provided for informational purposes only and is NOT investment advice. The information in RV RELEASES has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, however Real Vision and its contributors, distributors and / or publisher, licensors and their respective employees, contractors, agents, suppliers and vendors {collectively, “Affiliates”} make no representation or warranty as to the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of the content in RV RELEASES. All data in RV RELEASES is for illustrative purposes only and not for investment purposes. Any opinion or recommendation expressed in RV RELEASES is subject to change without notice. RV Releases neither explicitly nor implicitly recommend any investment strategy. Real Vision Group and its affiliates disclaim all liability for any loss that may arise (whether direct, indirect, consequential, incidental, punitive or otherwise) through the use of the information contained in RV RELEASES. Real Vision Group and its affiliates do not consider the specific investment objectives, financial situation or circumstances of any individual, group of individuals or entity. RV RELEASES do not provide an opinion about the future value of any security, currency or other investment vehicle. You should seek expert financial and other advice as to the suitability of the material discussed or recommended in RV RELEASES and you should be aware that investment value may decline, you may get back less than originally invested and performance will be the past does not necessarily reflect future performance. Well that was pretty intense! We hope you have all that – stop reading the fine print now and start enjoying Real Vision. .

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33 thoughts on “Anthony Pompliano’s Story: Lessons on Bitcoin, Living and Investing (with Raoul Pal)”

  1. This guy lost me when he trued claim gold isn’t scarce and bitcoin is and that’s a fact. And the fact that he’s happy to call bitcoin a religion😂

    Scarcity is an opinion based on demand. Bitcoin wouldn’t be scarce if no one wanted it. Same with gold.

    The difference is gold is “real” and has uses besides being a medium of exchange. If there were a trillion “bitcoins” and demand was much higher “per bitcoin”, it would still be scarce. Bitcoin is “fugazi”, so to say it’s scarce purely based off of supply is ignorant. Bitcoin’s supply doesn’t affect its scarcity. Sure, there’s only 21 million but there’s 2.1 quadrillion satoshis. And maybe we’ll make a smaller category that we call something else that will equal 100 million satoshis. Scarcity is all an opinion based off of demand, especially when there’s not a real asset

  2. If bitcoin is a store-hold of value purely due to its subjective value of being a medium of exchange, then so is every fiat. And that would include the ones that had subjective value before they hyper-inflated

  3. Haha: Idiotic: FAKE PRECISION>. he says: "you cannot prove Gold is scarce". What a dumb argument, full of holes. But Nevernind, I enjoyed the interview anyway, and got some useful things from it

  4. Bitcoin is pure speculation. This guy is talking how smart money gets in there to create a buzz and pseudo legitimacy trying to attract unsuspecting investors. Don’t let them steal your hard earned money.

  5. Thanks for this great video, you are a gift to everyone watching it.
    At this crucial time, telling someone about Bitcoin investment is not just a financial advice by all factor but a life advice. For a trustworthy broker, think about Ms Olivia.

  6. Did you both had a look on defichain … decentralized lending, staking, liquidity mining and dex on bitcoin … your thoughts would be great. Raoul, I saw your chat with Julian Hosp. did you talk about DFI?


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