Assist with A5/1 encoding

I need to have to implement this encryption and would like aid comprehension the algorithm (I learned it from “A5 Encryption In GSM Oliver Damsgaard Jensen Kristoffer Alvern Andersen Jun 2017”): Algorithm Measures: 1. Initialize the 3 change registers to 2. Clock the registers using the 64 little bit session key 3. Clock the registers using the 22 bit frame counter 4. Clock the registers 100 occasions with irregular clocks (clock a register only if the clock bit matches the vast majority of the clock bits) 5. Clock the registers 114 moments with irregular clocking, after each and every spherical get the xor of the 3 MSB of the registers as the future little bit for the keystream 6. xor the keystream with the information to encrypt Matters I will not have an understanding of: 1. I begin at ways 2 and 3 with the LSB of the critical/body counter and am I going up or from the MSB? 2. Does the frame counter begin at and enhance it for each and every 114 bits I want to encrypt? 3. What methods do I repeat for each and every 114 bits I want to encrypt? Do I go back to action 1 and do it all once more employing the incremented frame counter? Many thanks for all the support.

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