Bitcoin in 2020: 50K, 100K or 2K? | Tone Vays job interview

Bitcoin in 2020: Can Bitcoin Hit Its Possible Plans of 50K and 100K or Could It Fall to 2K? We acquire a look at the charts with Tone Vays and Alessio Rastani. #Bitcoin #ToneVays #AlessioRastani For Tone Vays Youtube Channel: Get 50% Off Paul Elliott’s Real Estate Investing Training course (Use Code: REP50): Subscribe: 🔔Make guaranteed to allow ALL push notifications!🔔 Observe the Newest films: abide by Alessio Rastani : Twitter: ​ See far more Alessio Rastani​: Pro interviews: Crucial films: Most up-to-date movies: Well known videos: .

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43 thoughts on “Bitcoin in 2020: 50K, 100K or 2K? | Tone Vays job interview”

  1. "Email won't work" – Post Office.

    "Netflix won't work" – Cable TV.

    "Airbnb won't work" – Hotels.

    "Uber won't work" – Taxis.

    "Bitcoin won't work" – Banks.

  2. Vays is not nearly as smart as he thinks. He is a liar or a fool. I tend to hope for the latter….but humans tend to be the former. Especially in the field of money. If you want to pull Vays' chain or hear him lie, ask him about XRP. The lies will pour out as long as you listen and he will steer you away from real gains.

  3. I listen to all but do not follow Tone! I’m very happy I re entered in the $3ks a year ago and not the $1ks he was calling for. He’s super bearish to the point he’s only made 1 great call

  4. Great Video Alessio Rastani. Is there anyway that I could get your email address so that I could write to you about a business enquiry (Wanted to enquire if I could advertise something on your channel). Thanks!

  5. There are somewhere between 1600 and 2500 crypto currencies. There are "only" about 180 "real" currencies. Granted, the "real" currencies are fiat. Crypto currencies are created out of thin air. Bitcoin is the granddaddy of the cryptos. BTC could go to $400 USD, BTC may even go back to $20,000 USD. When history is written, BTC will be seen as Monopoly Money (i.e. the board game). Play BTC while you can, and play only what you can afford to lose.


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