Bitcoin is down 9% | Will we be able to prevail over $ 10K?

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23 thoughts on “Bitcoin is down 9% | Will we be able to prevail over $ 10K?”

  1. It may be irritating, but for the folks not heavily into crypto and/or not very technical, crypto products in general need to be made simpler and easier to understand. You can't have mass adoption by creating a crypto space that only a small percentage of folks (such as yourself, Nick) can easily navigate and use. Curious about your thoughts on this topic-Thanks.

  2. come on, everyone keeps mentioning these "cycles"
    there is no cycle, asset price follows only one thing: are people buying it more than selling?
    if tomorrow, China + Russia + India + Brazil announce they will be using bitcoin as their reserve world currency, guess what, no cycle would impede the price from exploding into absurd territory

  3. Hi Nick, speaking of adoption several people I know are using the and MCO tokens for interest on deposits etc. full defy functionality still limited in US but user base is strong and fundamental growth is impressive. Would love to hear your thoughts on an upcoming video

  4. Everything is correlated to risk. Bitcoin is viewed as the riskiest asset on the planet. Why would you want to own risk in a risk-off event? Say what you like, the market doesn't care what you say. Risk off, bitcoin down. Pretty simple.


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