Bitcoin Market place Observe (Reside Clearly show!)

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30 thoughts on “Bitcoin Market place Observe (Reside Clearly show!)”

  1. Dumb money is in BTC.
    Useless shitcoin, old tech where you can be happy to make x4 gains within the next few years.
    Smart money is in low cap gems, doing x5 to x10 within a few days.
    Last few weeks low caps exploded while your BTC and ETH shit did nothing .

  2. I love your level-headed perspective. The people I speak to who don't really know anything about Bitcoin or crypto, just don't know that it could be at $100k+ sometime relatively soon. They're shocked when I mention it, as if it's MY pipe dream. Pretty much everyone I speak to that has studied it, and researched it, do believe it will get there, and a lot more in some cases. Maybe that's just people convincing themselves they've made the right decision? Don't know. But just about everyone that's really studied and learned about Bitcoin, does believe it will be in six figures eventually.

  3. Matrix ai network (MAN) is making their own ai chips and have it already working in 2k machines for mining. This wil become realy huge you need to do your own research this seems to be the Nr1 artificial intelligence project supported by the chinese government

  4. The market cycle theory is purely psychological, but that inevitably makes it real if most people believe in it.

    Tinkerbell Effect – expression describing things that are thought to exist only because people believe in them.

    Fiat Money is a good example lol.


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