BITCOIN WILD Shortly… 🎯 Ethereum, IOTA, KickToken – Programmer Describes

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27 thoughts on “BITCOIN WILD Shortly… 🎯 Ethereum, IOTA, KickToken – Programmer Describes”

  1. I've recieved 888888 kicktockens in my wallet apparently it's a frozen air drop but at this moment in time its worth approx. $600 however, not sure if it's a scam? Anyone else experience this?
    I've tried moving them to exchange to dump them but it wont let me hence "frozen"

  2. I am very bullish about these wonderfull altcoins U Network, BABB, Credit, Kappi Network, Wavesbet, Kuverit because of their great growth potentials for the next one or two years.

  3. Can you please look into KickToken more. Ive seen its a total scam to steal your KYC data.
    Kick airdrop is frozen to only send to one exchange. Where you must give them a bunch of your
    data. Total scam artists. AVOID. RUN AWAY. Is that true?

    32ETH…… Im ready. More proud of my pre $1000 btc buys and hold though 😉

  4. I did get the KICK air drop right into my ledger NanoX and had no idea what it was or how it got there. It’s so much fun to watch it pump but I know better than to take it seriously. Nice surprise never the less 😀

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  6. still so naive ^^ whales control everything. no data that you deliver tells us anything. anyone could fake them. invest your money in good companies instead of trading currencys.


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