Bitcoin will hit $ 50,000 in 2018 and this is why …

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27 thoughts on “Bitcoin will hit $ 50,000 in 2018 and this is why …”

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  4. My house will be worth millions. My stock is going to infinity and beyond. Bitcoin will continue to go higher as new money (dumb money) will keep making it go higher. Not that reality will ever set in, but whales (those who own 10,000- 1 million bitcoins) want you to keep buying a ponzi scheme. Now the large holders sell every rally, people are waking up, and the bubble has burst. When everyone is bullish, there will be trouble. Sell the rallies.

  5. Bitcoin terrifies Big Banks, because it threatens their centuries-long monopoly over the world. Because Bitcoin makes it possible for ANYONE, who has some brain and knows how to use the technology, to become rich and be part of the money elite. That is what terrifies them, because they DON'T want that. The Big Banks rather want us all to remain poor and in debt for the rest of our lives while they SUCK away everyone's money like BLOOD LEECHES . There is a war between them and us.

    We want to become well off and truly independent. They want to prevent us from becoming well off and independent , the elite want to stay in power so they can do their EVIL deeds , depopulation , vaccines , land control all the EVIL stuff . IT'S TIME FOR THE MIGHTY BITCOIN TO CHANGE THE WORLD FOR THE BETTER.

  6. More like 80k. it went from 2k-20k in 2017. 10 fold increase. The high for this year could be near 80k. Maybe higher from more interest than previous years. Or the bear cycle may continue. But as long as we are saying "IF" the sky is the limit.


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