Bitcoin will reach THIS PRICE by 2025 | Raoul Pal Bitcoin price prediction

There are so many competing stories in the media. How do we judge the truth? Raoul Pal, former investment banker and CEO and founder of Real Vision, reveals what to look for. He explains why Bitcoin will hit $ 1 million in five years, why Ethereum could have an even greater market cap, and the great systemic shift that is coming for the global economy. 🎁 Do you want to support the channel? Check out our featured products: Want to get up to $ 250 and earn 8.6% APY on your crypto? Try BlockFi: Want to Track Your Crypto Portfolio and Taxes? Try CoinTracker: Want to Keep Your Crypto Safe? Check Out Ledger: Or Trezor – Want To Get $ 25 Free With A Crypto Visa Card? Use our code r3f5jp8658 here: Want to trade cryptocurrency and get $ 5 for free? Try Coinbase: Want to Learn Crypto and Blockchain? View Cryptoversity: Want to learn how to take advantage of crypto in a short time? View Want to manage all your cash accounts from one place? We recommend Personal Capital: Do you want to invest in the stock market? We recommend Motley Fool’s Stock Advisor, get a 50% discount here: Are you starting a YouTube channel? This is the video and music library we use: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Bitcoin declared to be $ 1 million by 2025. Why the world economy needs to change | Raoul Pal Raoul Pal, hedge fund millionaire and CEO and founder of Real Vision, spent his entire career as a successful macro investor, retired at a young age and is one of the most prolific investor voices online. This interview was recorded on November 30, 2020 for ‘Finance Manager’, the leading weekly business magazine in Slovenia. 0:00 – Why the more the price of Bitcoin rises, the more institutions need it 0:41 – Why there are many competing stories and what to look out for to assess the real situation of the financial system 1:51 – The three stages in which this crisis will unfold 4:44 – Predictions for the economy and bitcoin: why $ 1 million is realistic in five years 6:48 – Why Bitcoin is a great investment in the economic environment to come 9:05 – Why Ethereum a Could have bigger market cap than Bitcoin, and what’s the difference between the two 9:44 – What’s the systemic shift coming for the global financial system 10:43 – Why Bitcoin is an exit from this flawed financial system #Bitcoin #BTC #RaoulPal ▬▬ ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Full Interview (Credits): Finance Manager Interview # 006 – Raoul Pal 👇 Related Videos You May Like: Dan Morehead: The Next Phase of the Crypto Bull Market (with Raoul Pal) Raou l Pal explains how 1 Ethereum could reach more than $ 20,000 per coin. EXPLOSIVE 2021 Forecast Bitcoin: million dollars by 2026. Based on WHAT? – Raoul Pal Raoul Pal: “I’ll SELL all my Bitcoin when THIS HAPPENS” – Bitcoin Bear Case What is Bitcoin and how does it work? (with Andrei Jikh) – IMPAULSIVE EP. 250 Bitcoin goes to $ 100K, then $ 150K, then $ 200K: Palihapitiya ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 🔑 Get Videos Like This One Every Week: Wealthy Value is an educational platform on business, global economics and financial education. We help investors, entrepreneurs and anyone who wants to master the future of finance. Every week we post videos to help you master the game of money and build long-term wealth. You will find financial, entrepreneurial and business wisdom from savvy minds such as Robert Kiyosaki, Jim Rickards, Nassim Taleb, Warren Buffet, Jim Rogers, Ray Dalio, Peter Schiff and many more. Do you want to become smarter and more financially grounded in today’s changing economy? 🔑 Subscribe here: ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Copyright Disclaimer: Wealthy Value is a web channel intended to provide business knowledge through video essays and analytic compilations. It is primarily intended to encourage informed discussion, criticism and review of business topics and for that purpose the programs use short excerpts from cinematographic films, sound recordings and photographic works. These clips and fragments are of a minimal nature and their use is not intended to interfere in any way with the commercial exploitation of the work competition by the copyright owners. The use of works is in accordance with the fair dealing exception provided under Sec. 52 of the Copyright Act, and we appreciate our use of the works under the exception provided for criticism and review. .

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  2. Hi.
    Thank You for the video. I discovered Your channel a few days ago with the bitcoin video where You went in depth on its growth. According to my TA BTC should plummet at around 46-48k.
    Whats Your opinion on that? And secondly if I may, wouldn't You say that (if all else stays the same) the rise of price to 1-200k would slow down BTC so much that it'll pull back either way, all due to low buying power of most people in the world who cannot afford investing that much.

    Thank You!

  3. Don't know how I bumped onto this. Anyway Awesome content ❤️. I also watched those similar from mStarTutorials and kinda wonder how you guys create these clips. MSTAR TUTORIALS also had amazing info about similiar money making things on his vids.

  4. Bond yields have done nothing but rise over the past 2 months … especially long ends … so that part of the video is a nonsense and, absolutely, no true … they will continue to rise … and that’s a disaster … that part is true

  5. Safecoins (10-20x potential) – Bitcoin and Ethereum

    Mid-cap (100x potential) – Reserve rights (RSR) , Zilliqa, Cardano (ADA), Ren, Vechain, Theta, etc.

    Low cap (huge 1000x potential) – Plasma Finance, Mantra Dao, Akropolis, Kardiachain, Polkastarted, Utrust.

  6. Knowing that the fed knows small business owners need the help, not corporations tells you everything you need to know about their agenda and who they aim to help and hurt. They aren't just making a silly mistake, its absolutely intentional.

  7. Nice video, Millionaires stay rich by making productive moves like investing but personally I recommend you do a background check up on your source before investing, Ensure You are investing through a solid foundation source to avoid blowing money away

  8. I was at a retirement seminar and the speaker spoke on how he quit his job after he made well over $450,000 PROFIT within 3months he invested $120,000. I just began investing and i will really appreciate any tips or helpful guide.

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