Breathe underwater without the need of potions in Minecraft

Are you preparing to create underwater? Or do you just want to commit a lot more time exploring shipwrecks and ocean monuments? Then you can choose benefit of a model new command additional in Minecraft 1.15 for both of those Java and Bedrock Editions! In this rapid and easy tutorial I will present you how to use the new drowningDamage command, which enables you to stay underwater for as long as you want! The fantastic issue about this command is that, in contrast to water respiratory drinks, which only allow a single participant to breathe underwater for a sure amount of time, the drowningDamage command will allow any participant on your entire world to remain underwater endlessly! Related Films ▼ How To Uncover Shipwrecks In Minecraft How To Reduce Tumble Harm In Minecraft 10 Things You Did not Know About Minecraft 1.15 Did you get pleasure from this video clip? Then subscribe to much more videos like this ✔.

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