Can DEFI and BTC reach HIGHS at all times? $$$

Will see a DEFI and BTC price run overshadowing 2017? Could BTC see 50K? 100K? DEFI channel: we love DEFI! Please tip for support channel: Ethereum: 0xEB152bF90d930ffaCc3AD92E610260125677815d BTC: bc1q56rxfxrtjp9lpqfmfsrkr4z28ap6fx0s925drq DAI: 0xEB152bF90d930ffaCc3AD92E610260125677815d Follow me on Twitter: This channel is all about and DEFI Polkadot: our community meet and share information.Please note that I am not a financial expert or an expert cryptocurrency . I am just a person who makes videos for entertainment. As such, you should not make any decisions based on the information in my videos as they are for entertainment purposes only. Before making any financial decisions, you should consult with a professional financial advisor. I don’t have any expertise in financial matters, so please ignore everything I say. .

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