Can Dogecoin get to $ 10? 3 factors that will occur with DOGECOIN, when will Doge attain 10 cents?

Can Dogecoin get to $ 10? It is currently trading at 5 cents, and Bitcoin was also truly worth 5 cents at a person position and is now $ 37K … so can Dogecoin quickly strike $ 10? Let us acquire a glance at the math to see the odds of Dogecoin achieving $ 1 and $ 10. When will Dogecoin arrive at 10 cents? Could it happen in the coming months? It is attainable. Past week, we saw it from less than 1 cent to 8 and a half cents in a make any difference of 24 several hours. We are at present at around 5-6 cents, which is effectively in a placing distance of 10 if we have been to see one more major operate like we saw on January 28th. Although Elon Musk carries on to tweet about it, the buzz doesn’t die out. People today want to get this thing down to $ 1, and even if it won’t get something other than about 25 or 30 cents, that would still be quite a monster share on the expenditure. Time will explain to what will happen to Dogecoin, but the dilemma is not ‘if’ we can get 10 cents much more, but ‘when’ we will access 10 cents. .

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2 thoughts on “Can Dogecoin get to $ 10? 3 factors that will occur with DOGECOIN, when will Doge attain 10 cents?”

  1. I could be wrong but he may buy the company and remove coins out of circulation or stop new coins being added idk, but what I do know ol Elon Musk knows how to make money.

  2. The larger supply shouldnt be much of an issue. For doge to hit the same current market cap as bitcoin, its value would have to hit ~$5.5/dogecoin. It just means you have to look at the coin price differently. They have to realistically know what is, and isnt, possible or probable. its almost assured at this point to hit 10 cents, and it the momentum keeps going, 50 cents. If people dont bail and interest is still there, even 1 dollar is not impossible. That is more than likely its trend at that point, and wont see too much more growth, unless corporations start shifting from bitcoin as an investment to dogecoin as long term currency. seeing anything between 1 to 5 dollars is possible, but highly improbable. Some people just need to realize that doge hitting 100 and becoming a billionaire is not going to happen.

    and I dont know about you, but if any crypto was to become common place currency, I'd rather spend 100 coins than 0.000182 bitcoin.

    The increase in supply also looks to offset coin loss. Bitcoin has already lost millions of coins from user error. The supply will shrink… and if the demand is still there for bitcoin, the price increases. If the demand goes down, because people realize that bitcoin is not a sustainable currency with coin losses every year, the demand and the supply will both go down. Dogecoin on the other hand looks to offset the coin loss by adding coins that approximate it losses every year. Which tentatively will support a currency sustainability.

    I honestly jumped into doge originally because I thought I could make a few bucks… but looking into it seriously, I do see a possibility where the coin can serve a purpose for actual trade, not just spiking it for a pump and dump. I think elon sees that as well. In fact, I wouldnt be surprised if he didnt invest into it. I dont think his goal is to financially improve his position by pumping up the market, but rather sees it as a more sustainable coin supply, one driven by the lowly peons.

    My fear is that all the peons that got in on it when it was 0.0002$ will dump all their coins when it gets between 0.5$-1$ realizing this is more money than they ever thought they could get. There really needs to be stability in peoples investment… at least until (or if) corporations start jumping in

    Either way, Im just an idiot, that doesnt know much about stocks/trading… and even if this crashes back to nothing, I will not suffer anything that hurts me, other than pride. 🙂


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