Can you reverse AND + XOR?

Suppose I have two bytes of `p`,` k` and I AND them, get `x`. p: 10111011 k: 01101101 x: 00101001 Then I XOR `x` with` k`: x: 00101001 k: 01101101 c: 01000100 So p & k = xx ^ k = c Is this process reversible? That is, can you get ‘k’ from ‘c’ and ‘p’? How so? I’ve been thinking about doing x ^ k ^ k = c ^ kx = c ^ kp & k = xp & k = c ^ k, but I couldn’t go any further. Given Schneier’s law, would this method be considered safe? What about if I can calculate as many `c’s from as many different` p’s as I want?

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