Cardano 100x Price Prediction – ADA Can Make Millionaires!

The Most EXPLOSIVE Cardano Price Prediction for 2021 and Beyond! ►Where I buy Cardano (Binance): ►Voyager (code: 32E1D1) to get $ 25 in BTC: ►Get up to $ 250 in digital currency: WHERE TO BUY CARDANO ► $ 10 USD in Bitcoin on Coinbase: ►KuCoin: ► Automate Crypto Taxes (10% Discount): ►Buy Crypto SECURE with a VPN (30 Day Guarantee): BEST CRYPTO WALLETS ►Trezor: ►Ledger: ONLY PATREON DISCORD SERVER CARDANO INTRO – 0:00 I think the price from Cardano to skyrocket in 2021 and during the next 2024 bull run, Cardano. It’s no longer Cardano 100x, it’s a matter of when. Cardano is a perfect combination of a great proof-of-stake blockchain platform combined with an all-star team of engineers. Led by the inspirational founder Charles Hoskinson, one of the original founders of Ethereum. There are numerous reasons why my Cardano price prediction is so optimistic and Charles Hoskinson is one of them. If you follow Charles, you know a lot that he cares about changing the world with Cardano. When asked about Cardano’s price potential, he always answers that he cares more about the impact Cardano is leaving on the world. The meme “shut up and take my money” is how I feel after listening to Charles. His vision for Cardano and the focus on making the world a better place, in my opinion, makes Cardano one of the best crypto platforms in the world. EXCITING CARDANO UPDATES AND GOGUEN ERA – 4:14 On February 3, the Cardano Public Testnet was successfully hard-forked by applying the Goguen Mary update that transforms it into a multi-asset network. This brings smart contracting capabilities to the protocol, which the cardano community has long been waiting for. CARDANO ERC20 TOKEN CONVERTER – 6:10 Cardano demonstrated their ERC20 token converter in October, which gives ERC20 token issuers on the Ethereum network 3 options to migrate their ERC20 tokens to native tokens based on Cardano. Charles Hoskins and IOHK want as many ERC20 issuers as possible to switch to Cardano and will also help them with the migration process. CARDANO GRAYSCALE TRUST? – 7:21 Cardano was in the news recently after leading digital asset company Grayscale filed a Grayscale Cardano Trust with the Delaware corporate registry. However, based on comments from Charles Hoskins, this appears to be a proactive one. PLUTUS PLAYGROUND – 8:23 Plutus is essential for smart contracts on Cardano. Plutus Core, the smart contract language embedded in the ledger, is based on Haskell’s formal programming principles and allows developers to write highly reliable applications that interact with Cardano. CARDANO STRIKE (LIABILITY INCOME) – 10:05 AM If you plan on keeping ADA there is absolutely no reason not to bet it unless you don’t like making money in your sleep. About 60% of all ADA in circulation is currently in use. ADA on the Cardano network represents an interest in the network, where the size of the interest is proportional to the amount of ADA held. Cardano has no lockout period, which means that your deployed ADA is still liquid. You will get an average of 4-5% APY on your Cardano ADA, depending on your stake pool. CARDANO PRICE FORECAST – 1:22 PM Cardano is already a top 5 cryptocurrency in terms of market cap and will break the top 3 in 2021. In the past week, Cardano has experienced an absolute tear reaching nearly $ 1. So what price will Cardano hit? Between now and the next Bull run in 2024-2025, I think Cardano’s price could certainly be 100x. DOLLAR COST AVERAGING – 3:04 PM The best way I always recommend investing in Crypto is by using the dollar cost average. It is a proven approach to come up with the best average cost. Choose a fixed amount to invest each week and divide it between your investments. LET’S CONNECT! 📷 Instagram ➔ 🐦 Twitter ➔ 🎵 TikTok ➔ 👉 For business inquiries, you can reach me at ▶ ️ VIDEO EDITED BY: DISCLAIMER: This description contains affiliate links, meaning if you click on any of the product links make a purchase, I receive a small commission. I am NOT a financial advisor. You are responsible for your own financial decisions, which means doing your own research BEFORE purchasing crypto assets. #cardano #cardanopriceprediction #ada #cardanoprice #crypto #cardanonews #cardanostaking.

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