Charles Hoskinson Will Make Ethereum ETH2 Cardano Obsolete

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39 thoughts on “Charles Hoskinson Will Make Ethereum ETH2 Cardano Obsolete”

  1. about the guy who built a rocket to see if the earth was flat

    he didn't actually believe the earth was flat.
    that was just his shtick as a stuntman to get attention. he was setting world records.

    god bless that fucking man

  2. build your own rocket;))

    »just put it on facts […] you disagree with facts – you're an idiot, it's just that simple.

    you can also believe that you don't need to drink water – try that out for a while.

    you can also believe the earth is flat – build your own rocket (how did that work out for the last guy who did it?).

    it's amazing to me how we've just gotten to a point where people just don't wanna listen any more.

    they set their opinion in the sand and they say: this is the way it is.« 2:01

  3. I can kind of see Cardano as the Apple to Microsoft's Ethereum. It won't beat Ethereum, but it is very clearly carving out its own market, founded on a far more sleek, efficient system. I think it has huge potential.

  4. Entire comment section: "I'm an idiot and don't understand anything he says, but i believe him because he sounds trustworthy and cardano green % numbers"


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