Totally free “Rai K-84” Ray Rifle: Up to date Action: 100% Mimic Stage – For the Mimic Action, operate to these a few places: Outside Motor Garage, Skybridge + Colonels Office environment, & Higher than PAP. In 1 of those spots you will find a lot of products that you can not select up from the ground. A person of these will switch into a Mimic, GET IT TO Really Very low Well being without the need of leaving the location, then seize that Mimic to get the correct soldier memory. The merchandise on the map are reset each spherical, so if you cannot obtain an item that turns into a Mimic, go in advance and go on to the future round! You get 1 mimic from just about every of the 3 destinations to finish this action. 🥰 Aid me attain 5,000,000 subscribers: 🤠 Subscribe to my comment channel: ► SOCIAL MEDIA 🐦 Twitter: 📷 Instagram: 📞 Discord: 👕 MERCH: 🖥 Products I use: All my Comprehensive online video playlists: “Nobody requirements a moment ready to make the environment a much better spot. ”Charity Boosting: EE4C for St. Jude Children’s Clinic – $ 100,017.19 EE4C 2 for St. Jude Children’s Hospital – $ 202,904.26 Campaign Zero for BLM – $ 31,109.22 1st Position YouTube Warzone Event for rental heroes US: $ 100,000 Overall: $ 434,030.67 Music presented by: business inquiries: noahjbusiness @ Many thanks for watching and much really like! -NeeahJ456.

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  1. UPDATED STEP: 100% Mimic step – For the Mimic step, run to these three locations: Outside Motor Garage, Skybridge + Colonels office, & Above PAP. In one of those locations, you will find a bunch of items you cannot pick up off the ground. One of these will turn into a Mimic, GET IT TO VERY LOW HEALTH without leaving the area, then capture that Mimic to get the correct soldier memory. The items around the map reset every round, so if you can't find an item that turns into a Mimic go ahead and go to the next round! You will get 1 mimic from each of the three locations to complete this step.

  2. I looked at this and was like that’s easy but I’ve been trying to get those mimics for 11 rounds and I still haven’t got one so I’m ready to give up and never try again

  3. Why does all this have to be so long winded all the games iv played no one bothered collecting anything there is to much going on to do any of this have a job just making it to the pack a punch without dieing


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