CoinSwap opens new DeFi opportunities with their Certik approved DEX

CoinSwap Space offers a range of decentralized financing products and services, allowing users to get a return on their cryptocurrency in countless ways.

CoinSwap, an exciting new DEX for the Binance Smart Chain, has announced its launch on April 30 at 5:00 PM CET. This is a launch with a difference. There are no presales, no assignments, and no team tokens. The only way to get the native CSS tokens is to start harvesting them from launch, which is now just hours away.

Coinswap Space is a decentralized exchange that offers users many different opportunities to earn rewards. CSS is an automatic market maker (AMM) that allows digital assets to be traded without an order book. Users can see the returns on their crypto by providing liquidity to the market, taking advantage of CoinSwap’s many yield farming pools, or simply putting their crypto on CSS stakes. Smart routing is used by CSS, giving customers the best available swap rates, slippage and price impact.

There are two tokens that exist within the CSS ecosystem. Contributing to the CSS liquidity pools grants users CSS LP tokens. CSS LP tokens can then in turn be wagered in one of CoinSwap’s various revenue farming pools.

Significantly, Coinswap Space has just been audited by Certik, the leading security-focused ranking platform that analyzes and monitors blockchain protocols and DeFi projects. Certik uses rigorous formal verification technology to provide hacker-resistant smart contract and blockchain audits. Successfully passing this audit by CoinSwap Space provides reassurance to potential investors. The rewards offered by using CoinSwap Space can be farmed without the risk of being hacked.

Dedicated to a fair launch

There has been some controversy over launches in the crypto world lately. The existence of pre-sales means that many investors can feel manipulated on day one if the price of the token goes up and then crashes early in the launch. The CoinSwap team believes that transparency and fairness are two of DeFi’s most fundamental qualities.

For these reasons, CoinSwap Space will have a completely fair launch. There are no team tokens and no presale. Every investor has an equal opportunity to take advantage of the rewards offered with CSS. The only way to acquire CSS tokens is to earn them through liquidity and revenue farming.

The founders remain anonymous for the time being. However, they all plan to make themselves public in the coming month. It’s worth noting, however, that even as a CoinSwap founder, you won’t be granting you additional privileges for the launch. Founders will have to acquire their CSS tokens by doing revenue farming like everyone else, making this the fairest launch possible.

$ 400,000 CSS will be pre-minted to provide liquidity to the pools and the starting price of $ CSS will be $ 0.25. This means that the total value of the liquidity provided will be $ 205,000 at launch. Farming rewards will be highest for the first 10 days from launch, meaning investors will need to get up early to maximize their profits.

CoinSwap launch details

Pre-minted for launch: 400,000 $ CSS
Launch price: $ 0.25
Initial liquidity:

  • $ 200,000 CSS – $ 50,000 in $ BNB ($ CSS / $ BNB)
  • $ 200,000 CSS – $ 50,000 $ BUSD ($ CSS / $ BUSD)
  • $ BNB / $ BUSD (worth $ 15,000)
  • $ USDT / $ BUSD (worth $ 15,000)
  • $ ETH / $ BNB (worth $ 15,000)
  • $ BTC / $ BNB (worth $ 15,000)
  • $ CAKE / $ BNB (worth $ 15,000)
  • $ ADA / $ BNB (worth $ 15,000)
  • $ DOT / $ BNB (worth $ 15,000) ‌

Total value of initial liquidity: $ 205,000

CSS Farm

CSS emission rate per block
First 10 days after launch: 0.6
After the first 10 days: 0.45
After 12 months: 0.41
After 24 months: 0.37
After 36 months: 0.33
After 48 months: 0.29
Decrease of 0.04 per block every 12 months

About CoinSwap Space

CoinSwap Space is a decentralized exchange that provides users with a range of services to help them maximize their returns in the DeFi space. CoinSwap Space is built on the Binance Smart Chain and uses smart routing to provide users with the best possible return on their investment.

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