Play-to-earn, Metaverse and the new generation of fantasy gaming solutions

Traditional gaming is shifting to the blockchain in more ways than one. CoinTelegraph recently reported on it, for the full Deep Dive read the article here.

Let’s take another look at why the industry is about to explode and here is why:

  1. The game industry is growing, FAST. According to a recent report by Statista, the number of players is 3.24 billion. As cell phone users increase in Latin America and Asia over the next decade, that number will only continue to grow.
  2. Blockchains enable gaming economies to shape organically. By adopting a play-to-earn model, the economy itself is going viral. Blockchains can make this process more seamless. And as a plus point, blockchains are limitless. Players in Turkey and Canada have no entry barriers.
  3. Public blockchains are open to everyone and without permission. Anyone with a mobile phone and an Internet connection can take part. The onboarding process is simple and open to everyone.
  4. Open protocols collapse and compress the cost of existing technologies. Public blockchains are open protocols. The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is an open protocol. Anyone can build games on BSC.
  5. Economic difficulties and opportunities could make play-to-earn a real job. With inflation rising in the US and around the world, millions are looking for a part-time job to increase their income. 4.4 million in the US alone have quit their jobs completely. With the numbers, games, and entertainment rising, a business-oriented model could lure millions into a new metaverse-based economy. Instead of going into gaming to escape, imagine gambling for a living or a viable sideline. It would make participation in such an economy as organic as one can imagine.

Blockchain games

Blockchain technology offers the most direct path to a play-to-earn economy that is global, inclusive and organically viral. If we look at the blockchain gaming boom infiltrating the metaverse, let’s take a look at a few games.

Alien Worlds is a game based on the Wax blockchain. In the game, players compete for a scarce resource, TLM, which they use to increase their power in the game by voting and voting in a DAO. Alien Worlds had over 1.5 million players in the last 30 days, surpassing Axie Infinity as the world’s most popular crypto-based video game. TLM is also a true cryptocurrency that doubled in value from $ 0.19 to $ 0.38 in the last month.

Another up and coming game is CryptoMines, a SciFi play-to-earn NFT game where players battle to collect workers and spaceships to travel the universe looking for a cryptocurrency called ETERNAL. It has seen 229,000 users on its platform in the past 30 days.


In this emerging and rapidly growing gaming metaverse, CoinFantasy is securing a leading position in the fantasy gaming sector. CoinFantasy has its skin in the game with its upcoming gamified fantasy crypto markets.

CoinFantasy’s play-to-earn model allows anyone to participate. To join, users only need to complete three steps:

  1. You are entering a competition that you want to enter.
  2. They choose a basket of crypto assets that they believe will increase in value.
  3. Winners make real money and rise in the platform that allows them to coin NFTs and get exclusive access to Metaverse

There are over 100 unique NFT player card attributes with varying rarities. These NFTs allow users to participate in crypto fantasy club events and are also entitled to collectibles and in-game merchandisers

GameFi is set to keep rising with its Play-To-Earn model and Metaverse and what it can mean for the world. Can it mean a new world economy? Can it mean an opportunity for normal people to improve their living situation?

The next two to three years of this economy will be insightful and exciting to say the least.

Play-to-earn, Metaverse and the new generation of fantasy gaming solutions

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