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Changelly, a popular crypto exchanger, has announced that it now supports the FIO protocol, a streamlined way to send and receive blockchain-based value regardless of the wallet, exchange, token or coin used.

Starting today, Changelly users can use FIO addresses and FIO requests to make buying and exchanging cryptocurrencies even easier.

The new integration aims to simplify the interaction process between users and the exchange. It allows users to initiate transactions using human readable and memorable identifiers such as john @ crypto.

FIO protocol

In addition to FIO addresses, users can now also take advantage of FIO Request; a feature that allows users to request money directly from their FIO wallet instead of having to send the exact amount of cryptocurrency to an address provided by an exchange.

The FIO protocol currently offers the following functions:

  • FIO addresses – a human-readable wallet ID that eliminates the need to see or even know public blockchain addresses.
  • FIO Requests – The ability to request money from another wallet, using in-wallet / app notifications and simple approvals.
  • FIO data – Encrypted metadata that can be added to any transaction, such as a simple memo, structured data (such as a van) or hashes, and references to off-chain data.

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