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ColdStack, a decentralized cloud aggregator, has announced that it has received a strategic investment from DFG – Digital Finance Group.

“We are very excited to partner with DFG. They are one of the most renowned and successful investment firms in the blockchain ecosystem and have an excellent track record of finding the most advanced projects in the industry. There is no doubt that DFG’s involvement will help our system reach its full potential. Said Alexander Shishow, CEO and founder of ColdStack.

The ColdStack platform gathers decentralized data storage networks such as Filecoin. By optimizing storage solutions with its AI-based pipeline, ColdStack provides users with the most cost-efficient and secure way to store their files.

With a unified Amazon S3 compliant API, ColdStack allows users to easily access decentralized storage solutions. ColdStack focuses on providing bulk storage for data that is not accessed regularly but still needs to be stored permanently. The tokenization system also allows users to easily create and store their own NFTs and use these resources on any NFT marketplace.

“At DFG, we believe in supporting products that solve major problems in blockchain, such as distributed data storage,” said James Wo, founder of DFG. “Coldstack, the first market aggregator of decentralized data storage, is a clear example of a much-needed upgrade to a growing and promising sector of the industry. It allows users to directly connect data storage nodes without hard settings. In addition, it can be linked to all distributed storage nodes through the Coldstack network and users can aggregate directly with it on the Coldstack application. We are confident that the reliability and security of Coldstack’s distributed storage will deliver excellent results in the future. “

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