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  3. Ok….I gotta ask….yes newbie. Why am I always going down in Eth.?….been in for a while….had 10 "golden tokens Eth….now 7…..the section bottom right…..just above dividends. I lost over 2 eth…..Thank you

  4. Decentralized Finance as the name implies should really help shape how crypto investments are run and should actually be transparent from all angles and above all, should be secure enough to be trusted. Am sure the InjectiveLabs platform will have all these present.

  5. Hi all, anyone else having problems with reinvesting/withdrawing? I've got 0.03ETH dividends I'd like to reinvest but keep getting an "insufficient funds" error in Metamask. Do I need to have enough ETH already in my wallet to cover the gas fees? I was assuming the gas would be taken from my dividends.


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