Ethereum is Bought OUT !!! Exceptionally $ 100,000 Value FORECAST!

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48 thoughts on “Ethereum is Bought OUT !!! Exceptionally $ 100,000 Value FORECAST!”

  1. Bitcoin has really stood its ground and would keep breaking grounds, investors sure knows how profitable it is now. My advice to everyone is don’t just buy and hold bitcoin, Trade it!

  2. Can I ask you an obvious question? What is the role of the XRP token in the exchange transactions? Is the token necessary for the transfer to take place, eg Dollar to token to Euro using ripple's blockchain technology, or does Ripple's transaction algorithm function even without XRP? Could they replace XRP with a different token to keep the system working?
    Would Ripple's systems still function if they had to give up their billions of XRP in escrow, and could they still function as a business making money from marketing their technology? Is their ownership of XRP of value to them beyond being a source of income by selling some of it, and being an assurance of stability of value (by judicious injections of more coins into the network ) when marketing their blockchain tech products to potential end users?

    If (IF) XRP is not a necesary component of the transaction algorithms or if they could replace XRP by another exchange token, then what would be the UTILITY of XRP and hence its intrinsic value?

    Apologies if I am using laymans or incorrect jargon.

    Natan Dov, Manchester UK.

  3. The Run Guys is the worst crypto channel on YouTube. You guys have been telling everyone to back up the truck on xrp for all of 2020. You have mislead the Noobs. You’ve even made claims that xrp can make you a millionaire. Run from the run guys. All fluff for a dumb audience

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  5. 🚨 🚨 GSX DOSENT PAY OUT BONUSES 🚨🚨 I have been asking since November for my purchase bonus and I was promised it 7 times….. never happened. Seems to be a dishonest company. Don’t buy GSX!

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  9. i honestly think eth will pass bitcoin for the only fact that it has an actual dev team behind it and making plays for for the currency. Dont get me wrong bitcoin is here to stay but i think eth is just simply better:)

  10. Everyone that is hating on ETH is crazy. You have to see that 90% of the network is plugged into it. It’s a Genius network and one day it will take over literally everything. I often compare Bitcoin as MySpace and Etheraum as Facebook and Instagram combined.


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