Ethereum Price Prediction | $ 20,000 ETH | Will ethereum 2.0 make you rich in this bull market?

Ethereum Price Prediction | $ 20,000 ETH | Real Opportunity or Pipe Dream? Ethereum is in a class of its own. Some of the recent price predictions seem a bit bizarre. Do we really think ETH will hit $ 100K during this market cycle? I’m all for $ 100,000 Ethereum, but when making ETH price prediction, or any other price prediction, it’s important to do the math and use a reasonable approach. Today’s question is whether ETH can hit $ 20K during this bull run. I’m going to take the numbers and explain what I think the eth price can do, and what I think it will do in this historic Bull run. Share this video with your friend: Watch Next – Recommended Playlist – Crypto Winners (Huge Potential) Let’s Connect: Twitter – @perryunlikely This is not financial advice. This video is for entertainment purposes only. #calmcoolcollectivecrypto #ethereum #perry unlikely.

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