Ethereum Vintage Etc Will Be $7,000 Before long! This is why.

Ethereum Basic And many others Will Be $7,000 Quickly! Here is why. Ethereum Classic And so forth rate prediction in this online video. #Etc #EthereumClassic #crypto Buy Ethereum Classic And so forth in this article: Get two free of charge shares: Discord: Posting: .

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27 thoughts on “Ethereum Vintage Etc Will Be $7,000 Before long! This is why.”

  1. Hey Patient Money, your videos are great and very informative, if only I had known of you 3 months ago. Well if I make any profit from your predictions I will deffo be sending something your way.. Guys remember to look after him if you make money with his videos. What are your predictions on Bittorrent?? I would love to know. Thanks.

  2. But……. will cardono be at $1000 by then???? Me thinks it could be so how many cardono could you buy for price if one ETC now? Think …. low energy use?

  3. Also are you buying safe moon? I don't like tax implications…. I use Token Tax…. very easy and integrates….. but will it integrate with bit market or pancake swap or are you buying another place? I took my ETC classic on spike rolled over to coinbase bought Cardano … Ankr… Celo…. Storj


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