Fed releases statement and Jerome Powell speaks!

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23 thoughts on “Fed releases statement and Jerome Powell speaks!”

  1. Thats right, you just never know. Better to stay in, rather than trying to time it. Me personally, whenever someone/majority think something, it's usually the opposite. Last March/April when the whole world was freaking out selling, I started buying. My financial advisor called me stupid – he is no longer my advisor.

  2. If foreign nation collapse by covid 19 there is 1 reaction the exodus to big wealthy nation right now usa is exodus choice 1 
    china ccp where already trying to escape china and wuhan covid to usa.

  3. Housing is not building cause immigrants arent working cause they have children that dont have school. Or they are high risk or died or are long covid.
    As long as immigration of able adults is not returned your not going to se sustainable employment let alone 580000 people have died thats workers that atleast half workers that are not going to be replaced till birthrate stops collapsing.
    Covid crisis ontop
    Healthcare crisis
    Poverty crisis housing crisis
    drinkable Water poverty crisis
    Racist Cop hate crimes crisis
    Feminists crisis
    Anti-lgbtq crisis
    Mass gun shootings crisis
    Me too crisis
    Star wars war crisis
    War on dc
    Trump crisis
    Tariff war crisis
    Climate change crisis
    War Immigrant sanctuary
    Oh war
    And terrorism
    you know where the profit has come from crypto tesla starlink spacex
    Profits from crisis insurance 
    And hiding flooding money even though trump would not accept any gov budgets and the gov shutdowns
    Oh the illegal bailouts
    Oil profiteering
    And trumps enrichment thru ridiculous golf courses
    Oh trumps illegal weapon sales.
    Oh lets not forget ukraine blackmail
    And trumps legal fees

  4. Jerome Powel is part of the sick psychopaths who are running the word to the demonic great reset. if he said we will have another dark winter he and the antichrist bill gates and their minion Dr. evil Fauci are manufacturing the next virus. BE VERY WARY !!!!

  5. 25:00 Lady claims workers are the happiest of any time in 56 years? BS propaganda. Anyone working in a store, most are not happy to have a mask slapped on them and pay that is less than unemployment.


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