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Hashflow, a decentralized exchange connecting traders with crypto market makers, has announced that it has closed a $ 3.2 million seed funding round from leading venture capital firms and angel investors.

The round was led by Dragonfly Capital and Electric Capital and joined by IDEO Ventures, Alameda Research, Metastable, Galaxy Digital, Unanimous Capital and angels including Balaji Srinivasan, Kain Warwick and Ryan Sean Adams.

Using Hashflow, traders can receive quotes directly from market markers and broadcast trades on the chain using Web3 wallets in a completely reliable manner. By replacing AMM bonding curves with professional market makers, Hashflow provides traders with better prices, zero slippage and the lowest gas cost of any decentralized exchange on Ethereum.

For market makers, Hashflow provides access to the growing DeFi market while having full control over their inventory and pricing strategies. Until now, market makers had to deploy capital in public liquidity pools, use predefined pricing functions, and pay high gas fees to change strategies in the chain.

Jon Kol, director at Galaxy Digital, a leading cryptocurrency investment firm and market maker, commented, “Hashflow is the first project we’ve supported that seamlessly enables market makers to effectively quote prices to DeFi traders.”

Hashflow allows market makers to use tailor-made pricing strategies and bridge them up the chain using digital signatures. In the coming weeks, Hashflow plans to integrate more market makers and add additional asset pairs that will dominate trading volumes on the chain. By the end of the second quarter, general audiences will have access to Hashflow and trade on-chain with market makers.

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