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MEF members HGC Global Communications (HGC), DCConnect Global and QLC Chain under the auspices of MEF have successfully collaborated in their MEF Proof-of-Concept (PoC) utilizing MEF Lifecycle Service Orchestration (LSO) APIs with Distributed Ledger Technology ( DLT)) to create Smart Bilaterals for end-to-end ordering, billing and settlement of data services.

As part of the MEF’s new commercial and operational framework (W114), this PoC is an important foundational step to demonstrate how we can overcome business process integration issues between partners in the telecom services value chain that the telecom industry has hundreds of millions of dollars in. cost. annually.

Telecom providers invest significant amounts in systems and resources for external commercial transactions with their telecom partners. When service providers enter into a new commercial / bilateral relationship, they usually need custom interfaces to integrate their systems and processes. And this effort must be repeated for any bilateral participation.

Even with smooth integration, these registration systems typically do not have a “gold source” for the shared commercial state of the orders and there are significant inefficiencies throughout the Order-to-Cash value chain. As a result, a lot of time and money is spent on reconciliations, disputed prices or bills, lost orders, and sometimes even legal actions. Worse still is the damage to the commercial relationship.

The MEF 3.0 PoC (130) was raised to demonstrate a viable solution for addressing “deploy once, use many” process integrations for data services. The core of the PoC and its in-development standard MEF W114 is “Smart Bilaterals”. Smart Bilaterals are DLT-based Smart Contract systems that enable an immutable, self-executing commercial state between two or more service providers by establishing a shared commercial state that ensures the accuracy of all commercial documents generated; commercial documents are only generated if they match the gold source.

By leveraging QLC Chain’s Trusted Billing platform that leverages standard MEF LSO Sonata APIs and standardized Smart Bilateral protocols, the partners have successfully demonstrated:

  • Only one time onboarding is required to do business with another service provider on the same network, and
  • The automation of the Order-to-Cash value chain for transactions of data services in near real time. It is a secure and automated system-to-system integration for ordering based on available published inventory and price, as well as billing, billing and settlement without the need for reconciliation. Every transaction / order is managed end-to-end in almost real time.

“Thanks to the great work of this PoC team, we are able to demonstrate the benefits of the combination of DLT and MEF LSO APIs,” said Daniel Bar-Lev, VP Strategic Programs, MEF. Cost savings through automation and synchronization virtually eliminate costly billing errors and process cycle times. Likewise, it opens up new revenue streams for service providers by cost-effectively supporting large transaction volumes for ephemeral services, which are increasingly important in the era of Bandwidth-on-Demand, IoT, NFV / 5G and network slicing “

“LSO APIs have enabled a great deal of standardization and automation in our Lead-to-Order processes. By developing and integrating the DLT-based Smart Bilaterals into our LSO APIs service chain, we can complete the Lead-to-Cash process in seconds. We plan to extend this capability to Legato APIs, further enhancing full automation through orchestration, creating more revenue and market entry opportunities. The potential to provide a hassle-free and seamless experience to our customers is truly exciting. said Jacqueline Teo, HGC’s Chief Digital Officer.

Victor Ma, General Manager of DCConnect Global, added: “As the pace of ordering and delivery of services has been accelerated tremendously by a programmable and on-demand network supported by SDN technology, the business transformation is now fully facilitated with flexibility, scalability and automation. While inter-carrier API orchestration has matured with the MEF LSO Sonata API standard, we are pleased to see further evolution in billing and settlement aspects using DLT based Smart Bilaterals. This MEF PoC 130 has successfully demonstrated the benefits that we think the carrier federation would enjoy by boarding the billing platform. It was a great experience to work with QLC Chain and HGC on this groundbreaking Proof-of-Concept. ”

“Telecom providers are very interested in Distributed Ledger technology and adoption is accelerating. In summary, our initial results from the PoC have shown that QLC Chain, the privacy-protecting and high-volume chain, is suitable for the nature of telecom services transactions, the PoC 130 will be available for partners to test on an open platform. We are grateful for partnering with MEF, HGC and DCConnect and will continue to provide turnkey solutions to the industry, ”said Susan Zhou, QLC Chain’s Chief Operating Officer.

Based on the positive results, HGC, DCConnect, QLC and MEF will continue their joint path to drive DLT-LSO API standards and start bringing in partners and other MEF members to enjoy the benefits of the Smart Bilaterals.

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