How Cardano will integrate 5 million users into its platform

Charles Hoskinson gave new details of a highly anticipated announcement in the Cardano community. The CEO of IOG uploaded a video on his YouTube channel and talked about the cooperation with the Ethiopian government. The partners intend to ‘reform’ the country’s education system.

The Ethiopian Embassy in the United Kingdom and its ambassador Teferi Melesse Desta also shared the news via their Twitter account. The government official called the partnership a “fantastic” development and part of the country’s “digital transformation strategy”. The embassy added:

IOG is partnering with the Ethiopian Ministry of Education to create a # blockchain-based national student and teacher ID and achievement registration system to digitally verify grades, track school achievement and drive rural education.

The collaboration will be based on IOG’s Atala PRISM ID solution. The country will thus create a record for 5 million students on top of Cardano’s blockchain. The record is tamper-proof and secure with the platform. In addition, authorities will be able to control, target and distribute resources with the effectiveness of this solution.

Atala PRISM is reportedly being implemented in 3,500 schools and 750,000 teachers, according to data shared by the Ethiopian Embassy in the UK. It will be launched with a delivery equipment program for students, teachers and key officials in the institutions. The ultimate goal is to make education more accessible, personal and efficient.

Hoskinson stressed that the partnership has been a 5-year effort. Cardano’s inventor has said in previous videos that Africa has the potential to outpace China’s economic growth. Now Hoskinson said:

And over the next 24 to 36 months, we’ll be scaling up very quickly across the continent. This means many new lessons. This means new initiatives. New relationships and also developing our talent (…).

Cardano reaches important milestone

According to a report from the news website CityA.M. Ethiopia is currently evaluating whether they will use other IOGs Atala products. These can include the PRISM platform that can be used in many industries across the country: agriculture, identity, supply chain tracking, and others. The report cites John O’Connor, IOG’s African Operations Director, as saying:

The blockchain-based education transformation in Ethiopia is an important milestone in IOHK’s mission to provide economic identities and employment, social and financial services to the digitally excluded. After five years of R&D, Cardano is now mature enough to support a blockchain solution that can be scaled to serve an entire national population. This project could lighten the touch paper for a wave of third-generation blockchain innovation in Africa and the developing world.

ADA is trading at $ 1.30 with a gain of 6.8% on the daily chart. The cryptocurrency appears to be responding well to the announcement. However, IOG’s Africa Special will be held on April 29th and could reveal much more about these and other partnerships in the region.

ADA with moderate gains in the daily chart on IOG partnership. Source: ADAUSDT Tradingview

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