How HIGH can Dogecoin go? To the moon?

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42 thoughts on “How HIGH can Dogecoin go? To the moon?”

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  2. too bad i live in the Anti-Crypto communist state of New York

    Can't actually BUY doge – only borrow it from RobinHell – unless i wanted to convert to DAI and move it to a non kyc exchange and buy it at a mark up…

    What can we do to stop government intervention???

  3. My idea is that it is irresponsible to recommend Doge, I was thinking yesterday it would hurt the industry if it happens a crash like the 2017 with Dodge, if could affect other Cryptos, maybe not BTC but other projects with a lot of people behid, putting a lot of work into this. Really surprised me when Charles from Cardano did that video today, and he is 100% right if we want this industry to mature, we should stop supporting this pump and dump thing.

  4. You talk about doge in a positive light but negatively about xrp?? You have now fully lost credibility. Probably getting paid by doge to help pump this joke coin.

  5. All this will do is crash hard and have the regulators breathing down the backs of anyone in this industry, but whatever, keep buying more folks, not like this is our future.

  6. Isn't this worrying? There's nothing behind it other than some high profile people giving it a pump. If it crashes and a lot of people get hurt then isn't that really bad for the reputation of the crypto space??

  7. Are you serious BTC possibly go to $600k-700k by the end of this year, Ada to $25?? For real? Guys, what’s your thought on what George said on this, please I need to know so I can sell my kidney.

  8. Doge speculation based on a meme is not good in a maturing crypto market with real world use-case projects. It taints this incredible space that is finally reaching adoption. For sure it will crash, and add a FUD narrative to the rest of the crypto gems.

  9. Emotional social trends run the masses,
    ignorance and sensationalism is the masses. That’s a lot of dam buying power with no practical technological innovation towards blockchain…


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