How substantial can ETHEREUM go? | Want to grow to be a MILIONARY with ETHEREUM? | Practical selling price ETH will increase

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9 thoughts on “How substantial can ETHEREUM go? | Want to grow to be a MILIONARY with ETHEREUM? | Practical selling price ETH will increase”

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  3. I agree that the ETH price still has a lot of room to grow but I don't agree with the way you calculate this.
    Perhaps I'm wrong but my simple minds sees the supply as the main reason why you can't base your analysis on the market cap.

    Bitcoin has a limited supply. So once we get to the final amount of Bitcoin on the market then the only factor determining the market cap will be the price of one coin as the amount of "shares" will stay the same.

    With ETH not only do we have the price of one unit but also the ever growing number of ETH on the market. In theory it has unlimited potential for growth.

    Of course that's not necessary a good thing because we need some sort of limit in order to allow the price to go up but maybe the POS will address this.

    I may be getting it all completely wrong so happy to be corrected as I'm new to crypto.

    Peace! 🙂


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