How the VeChain-based E-HCert app will reduce Covid-19

A solution based on VeChain will help people in Cyprus fight Covid-19. Chris Pana, Digital Transformation Consultant at Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus, announced the launch of the new E-HCert app.

Built as part of a partnership with i-Dante, a pharmaceutical and healthcare solutions company, the app will act as an “electronic test” that allows a user to validate laboratory results confirming they are Covid-19-free.

The information collected by the app is guaranteed by blockchain VeChainThor and sent to and from Mediterranean Hospital in Cyprus. That is why the E-HCert App has been implemented as a digital proof. Pana said:

I am proud to announce that the new E-HCert app is live in the Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus. In the past two weeks, more than 500 people have received their lab tests and Covid-19 results on their app!

Data from the VeChain Foundation shows that 100 people have been vaccinated in the hospital. The E-HCert app stores their information on the VeChain platform. Here it remains accessible to all users at all times. The VeChain Foundation added:

The first 100 COVID-19 vaccination records for medical personnel at The Mediterranean Hospital of Cyprus are now securely stored on VeChain’s public blockchain. With this technology, governments and individuals are assured of the quality and validity of the results.

VeChain and its unique solution

In an interview with the InBusiness News Ecosystem Manager portal at VeChain, Dimitris Neocleous named the E-HCert app one of the world’s first solutions that uses a public blockchain to combat Covid-19. In addition, the app complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This is VeChain and i-Dante’s 4th solution in the implementation phase, says InBusiness. E-HCert was developed in less than a year with the help of dedicated engineers and “a healthy stock of resources”. E-HCert works on top of an E-NHL, an app designed to keep records of medical facilities. Neocleous added the following while to talk about the app:

You can see the blockchain transaction ID here and the timestamp here; when these two pieces of information line up, it is verified. We also work with the companies that provide standards and in addition, the solution is checked before it is delivered to our customers.

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