How this Cardano platform benefits from Chainlink Oracles

CardStarter will integrate Chainlink’s Verifiable Random Function (VRF). This gives CardStarter access to Chainlink’s solutions. Its VRF will “guarantee” that actions within this platform are completely random, without any bias and protected from manipulation.

CardStarter is an important part of the Cardano ecosystem, through its decentralized platform project on this blockchain has a launch pad with an integrated trading function. With CardStarter, “early stage Cardano innovators” can connect with the community.

The platform has selective listings with a quality assurance program, community-backed insurance fund, development resources and a mechanism for projects to raise capital with “Token Vouchers”.

Chainlink use case in the Cardano ecosystem

Chainlink VRF will be used in the CardStarter tiered system. That way, “Card” holders can receive rewards through a “secure lottery”. The VRF solution will have to select a card to participate in “a token sale”.

Users will also take advantage of NFT when they become available to cardholders. For example, CardStarter rewards a user’s loyalty. An official report claims the following:

The Chainlink VRF integration will play a key role in ensuring that the CardStarter ecosystem provides equal and demonstrably unbiased opportunities to all participants in terms of earning IDO participation rights and rewards of various valuations. We are delighted to see this integration flourish and further improve the CardStarter user experience.

The Cardstarter team chose Chainlink’s solution because of its “high integrity system” and its ability to provide users with evidence of randomness without predictability. The solution ensures process integrity by providing cryptographic evidence that can only be generated by the VRF.

Chainlink VRF works by combining block data that is still unknown when the request is made with the oracle node’s pre-assigned private key to generate both a random number and cryptographic proof.

The integration aims to bring “more transparency and security” to the Cardano ecosystem. CardStarter aims to become one of the strongest accelerator and trading platforms on this blockchain. Shuffle, founder of CardStarter, said the following in an official post:

We look forward to providing equal opportunities for Deuces holders to participate in upcoming IDOs, and plan to continue to explore several other ways that Chainlink VRF can be used to enhance the CardStarter experience.

Cardano (ADA) with upward movement potential of 266%

ADA is trading at $ 1.42 with a loss of 2.4% for the past day. In the weekly and monthly chart, ADA has 15.8% and 14.4% respectively.

ADA with small losses on the daily chart. Source: ADAUSDT Tradingview

With Cardano’s smart contracting capabilities right around the corner, further integration with renowned services, such as Chainlink, could give it a greater advantage over Polkadot and Ethereum to take the # 1 spot on DeFi.

For ADA holders, the coming months are looking bullish, according to trader Justin Bennet. He claims there is a link between VeChain (VET) and ADA, the former cryptocurrency is ahead of what could be a 266% increase for the latter.

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