How to find high quality stocks | Joseph Carlson Ep. 148

In this episode, I discuss what I think makes a high-quality or low-quality company. We discuss the pros and cons of financial YouTubers sharing their stock picks and portfolios. And I am responding to an email from someone who converted $ 237 in Dogecoin into $ 30,000. 🎉 Patreon: 📈 Growth Portfolio: 💵 Dividend Portfolio: 👕 Merch: Microsoft Charts: Two Free Shares: * If you sign up and put in $ 100 after using that Webull link, you get two free shares, I get some cash, Webull get a chance to show their brokerage to you, win win win. Second channel: M1 Finance (broker used in video): 00:00 Intro 04:42 What makes a company quality? 14:11 Why I like transparency in investments. 31:21 Turning $ 237 into $ 30,000 with Dogecoin Instagram: Twitter: Apple Podcast: Have a question for me? Email me: (I will not share your name if I use your question on the show) This show is for entertainment purposes only and should not be construed as financial advice. Some of the links above are affiliate links that help support the channel financially for free.

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24 thoughts on “How to find high quality stocks | Joseph Carlson Ep. 148”

  1. I appreciate the response Joseph! Was exactly the sort of discussion I was hoping for. You raise some good points, some of which I'll reflect on.

    I'm definitely not against everyone sharing their portfolio, even on YouTube! I do think there are problems around getting your research from the platform (it's easy to find yourself watching sensationalistic stuff when you're trying to learn about a company), and while I appreciate many viewers are disciplined and responsible, I have seen first hand how beginners will throw money into whatever some personalities discuss online. I'm a little paranoid around that given a lot of my videos are beginner-focused.

    That being said, there are of course responsible channels out there who appreciate their influence and put in the work. Perhaps I'll need to dive more into this side of the platform and watch other channels like yourself. 🙂 Again, appreciate the discussion!

  2. Superb response to the Plain Bagel dude. Portfolio transparency is always more instructive and superior than hidden portfolios that are likely hiding dismal performance. I think it's ok for Richard to give the reasons why HE doesn't reveal his portfolio. But to "throw shade" at those who are confident and courageous enough to show their portfolios…well that is a bit lame.

    Richard, please explain what you mean by this comment: "I think people lack the resources they need to make educated financial decisions."

  3. Its easy to buy. Very difficult to sell when up. Difficult to focus on practicality and numbers when emotions come into play. Thanks for the pointers on the Dogecoin issue. Its something I struggle with.

  4. Have really gotten into your channel. I agree with your reasoning regarding transparency. If anything, plain bagel certainly does have a conflict of interest right now: his transparency, that is, exposing his thought process and beliefs about particular stocks, is his business right now, and it's something he is paid to do elsewhere.

    I've certainly gravitated away from the hype-mania news broadcasts meet kevin and stephen have become. I miss the days when meet Kevin was putting out very practical, professional videos on buying, fixing, managing houses, especially being a real estate investor myself.

    I will also say I'm a staunch Playstation fanboy, but I can't deny the prospects of Microsoft's heavy investments in the gaming space. I think it will pay off big time. They are looking very nice as a company, and I think there is huge room for growth in the gaming industry.


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