HOW TO MAKE YOUR Very first + 1M $! | Bloxburg

Hey! 🙂 In this video I’m chatting about the greatest way to make your first million pounds! Video Inspo Credits! : Regain Riot Thanks for all the recent aid and 18.1k subscribers! 🙂 Assistance THESE People: Gabe (intro tune) – Lucas (animation) – ______________________________________________ MY SOCIALS! ______________________________________________ roblox = instagram = @Matsbxb tiktok = @Matsbxb roblox team = ______________________________________________ MY YOUTUBE! ______________________________________________ I am a Roblox information creator, I upload 1-2 instances a week. I usually check out to stream (giveaway streams) on weekends! So subscribe and empower concept notifications to be notified of my new videos and streams! ______________________________________________ TAGS! [ IGNORE ]

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37 thoughts on “HOW TO MAKE YOUR Very first + 1M $! | Bloxburg”

  1. Usually I would earn like 200k a day in quarantine but my friend has moved out to a huge house and I'm helping moving stuff in and lemme tell ya we have been working on it for a week now and it's still not halfway done so I have been earning 50k a day 🙁

  2. Bruh i actually have an old account that have 2Mil money on bloxburg but i was so stupid i want to quit because i want to change my stupid name but i didnt know what was parent address and quit with no email + i forgot the password oh man..i feel so stupid😂

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