How to Retire on ETHEREUM by 2030 or Earlier

#Ethereum #RetireOnEthereum #ETH #FinancialFreedom #BestEthereumRetirementPlan How to Retire on Ethereum This video shows how much Ethereum you need to support your lifestyle. It goes into detail on all valuation models and takes into account indices of the cost of living in more than 100 countries, purchasing power and average salaries to create a proprietary model around the cost of living associated with the future price of Ethereum. This is the most comprehensive Ethereum retirement plan on the planet. The opinions expressed in the video are for general information purposes only and are not intended to provide specific advice or recommendations for any individual or about any particular security or investment product. It is only intended to provide information about the financial sector. TIMESTAMPS 0:00 Introduction – how to retire on Ethereum around the world, how many you need and why 1:08 Ethereum Dominance ETH was 15% of BTC’s market cap in December 2020 = now 24% 1:45 ETH / BTC ratio. 022 to .038 from my “Ethereum Undervalued” video on 12/25/20 2:30 Bitcoin = Digital Gold Ethereum = Digital Oil 3:23 Ethereum Partnership Network 4:00 CBDC needs a blockchain like Ethereum 4:23 ETH Coin Supply – Ethereum stock today: 114M coins 5:08 Ethereum coins in the year 2030. ETH Market capitalization 210,526,046,483 114M coins in stock ETH Supply 2 new ETH every 15 seconds. New ETH extracted per year 4,204,800 6:01 Ethereum price prediction 2030 $ 12,800 JM 6:41 Ethereum price prediction 2030 Ethereum dominance $ 22,938 JM 7:30 Ethereum price prediction 2030 Ethereum 10% of BTC value $ 55,198 JM 9:00 Ethereum price prediction 2030 Ethereum 4th Model costs an average of $ 30 312 9:30 Warning from Chamath P – Ethereum may go to zero – although he has since changed its tune 9:55 Where is the beef 10:00 Ethereum required to retire on the Cayman Islands 12:42 Ethereum required to retire in the US 13:20 Ethereum required to retire in Australia 2:26 Ethereum required to retire in Portugal 14:54 Ethereum required to retire in Panama 15 : 20 Ethereum required to retire in Costa Rica 15:35 Ethereum required to retire in Malaysia 15:46 Ethereum required to retire in Mexico 16:00 Ethereum required to retire in Mexico 16: 15 Ethereum v required to retire in Indonesia 4:15 pm Ethereum required to retire in Indonesia 4:50 pm Ethereum required to retire in Vietnam 5:28 pm Conclusions 5:30 pm Co Inclusion Part 1 ETH news was exceptionally positive by the way , and speculation suggests that Ethereum’s future is incredibly bright and will perform successfully as an investment asset, and has a solid long-term value projection. 6:00 PM Conclusion Part 2 Many believe that ETH could be worth $ 100,000 by 2030. Raoul Pal said recently according to Metcalfe’s law, Ethereum is similar to Bitcoin, which could be the key to Ethereum’s price, and Bitcoin and Ethereum could well rise to $ 20,000 in this bull cycle, which Bitcoin reached in the last bull cycle. I prefer to be conservative and would be very happy if it hit my conservative estimate of $ 12,800. 18:20 Conclusion Part 3 Will Ethereum survive? Right now, Ethereum is not only surviving, but thriving. Ethereum is the most popular smart contract platform, and more developers are working on the project than any other cryptocurrency in the world. In fact, there is more Bitcoin locked up in Ethereum than on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network. 18:48 Want more? Patreon 19:05 SCAMMERS.

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