If Bitcoin Goes To $ 100,000 – Where Are The New Prospective buyers?

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28 thoughts on “If Bitcoin Goes To $ 100,000 – Where Are The New Prospective buyers?”

  1. It's just very early in the game, still. It's like Amazon trying to sell other things than books in the 1990s or digital cameras trying to replace film. It was a drawn-out process and then it suddenly reached critical mass. I think it's mostly psychology, a certain change in thinking will eventually happen. This cannot really be forced but it will happen.

  2. It will never reach 100k….it will be replaced by one of the many many others crypto coins……. Bitcoin is just a code…. Actually is a little outdated technologic speaking, when compared to some others….

  3. I won't lie I really want to buy a miner, I can't afford it right now im 19y and trying build something good,It would be great if you guys help me buy one.
    Any amount of donation helps

  4. Simple, most people have no clue what btc or cryptocurency is , in my 3 years of following the field I have never come across another person that actually knows what it is , sure people have heard of bitcoin but dont actually know what it involves. Also the uneducated still think it's a scam 🤭 also people just hear about the bib dumps , not the fact that btc is the most successful investment of the past decade even though the huge dumps happend.

  5. It will never grow as high as u might dream unless it gets out there in the real world. We need Bitcoin banks, grocery stores who accept Bitcoin or Google pay implements Bitcoin in their payment method, whatever it is it needs to get in the real world with a real world impact. Then even 1 million per Bitcoin isn't too far fetched. Bitcoin is a universal payment method which could make current currencies less valuable. On the other hand Bitcoin can not really be trusted as a payment option because of it's instability of value. The one day you purchased a car with let's say 1 Bitcoin worth 60000 dollar, the next month u need 2 Bitcoins to afford the same or the opposite u only need half a coin to afford the same


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