Is it harmless to reuse a single timepad keys for individual use?

I really don’t information anyone. I just encrypt and generate my several passwords on a piece of paper, I’m common with several of the typical numbers, but it would seem OTP is thought of the most protected, so I opted, is it all right to hold the crucial in entire or partly reusable for encryption? The essential is something like a sentence, for example: “The boy is running household” I use how a lot of letters are wanted in the password, so if it can be a few letters I’ll only use “the” of the crucial, if it is really five prolonged is, the crucial essential would be “thebo”, and so on. Of class I convert every little thing to figures beforehand. I know you’re not supposed to use the keys again, but I imagined considering the fact that it is really for particular use and the messages are limited I could use it, the only explanation I’m making use of the exact same phrase/crucial is to it really is straightforward to don’t forget, normally I might have to create (and save/recall) a diverse critical for each password individually.

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2 thoughts on “Is it harmless to reuse a single timepad keys for individual use?”

  1. If it *were* safe to reuse for personal use … then you’re also safe *not using it at all*, because you’re probably only relying on physical security.

    If you want to reuse keys, at least used ciphers designed to tolerate it.

    To be extra clear, multiple uses of one-time pads has almost the worst possible failure mode – you can directly see the relation between each message bit in the two (or potentially more) messages, and with some knowledge of the message structure (such as the language) it’s very easy to guess the exact messages. (The only worse failure modes are those constructions where it immediately gives you the raw messages with no need to guess.)

    Other types of ciphers leak as little as possible, rarely more than that a message may have been repeated.


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