Is there a disenfranchised blockchain transaction system?

Is there a blockchain that allows you to make transactions in the following way: 1. I want to buy an NFT source 2. I send the NFT owner my payment as an encrypted transaction 3. I receive partially encrypted NFT (so I know I don’t get ripped off, and I know the seller didn’t just finish some of the work, say random 80% is encrypted.Of course I should be able to see about 20% of the continuous parts from that source) 4.I approve transaction good, and both NFT and my payment are decrypted at the same time, or I cancel the transaction and NFT goes back to the owner and my money goes back to me. Because, as I understand it, right now if I’m paying someone with bitcoin, I still need third-party arbitration.

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2 thoughts on “Is there a disenfranchised blockchain transaction system?”

  1. Note that this subreddit is about cryptography, not cryptocurrency.

    As for the relevant part:

    There are potential multistage methods which could do it. The encrypted data is first shared. The buyer creates a funding transaction which can only be claimed and spent by attaching a decryption key for the data being transferred, preferably with a Zero-knowledge proof of validity. The seller fills in those details and can then claim the money by spending the transaction. The buyer see the spent transaction and retrieves the key from it.

    I don’t know of any existing systems which might implement this.

  2. >and both NFT and my payment are decrypted **simultaneously**

    This is the hard part and requires a multi-stage protocol. Since arbitration is easier and less error prone, it gets used instead.


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