Live Demonstrate! Ethereum is on the rise although Bitcoin is consolidating

8 thoughts on “Live Demonstrate! Ethereum is on the rise although Bitcoin is consolidating”

  1. One other thing I'll add, Ben as for cashing out when the markets crashes after hitting an ATH. Smart money will definitely hold onto much of their ETH as the staking benefits will out perform even real estate, depending on how much ETH you still hold… This is if in fact the regression charts you've created hold up. 9k to 25K, if one were to hold 100ETH via the bear market, would be nice. We would also agree that the bear market wouldn't go as low as the 2018-2019 bear market, price wise.

  2. Hi Benjamin,

    I'm really interested in subscribing to your service.

    However, I would really love to see one metric from forex. It would be DXY (USD Dollar Index).

    Is it possible to add? I and many other people live outside of United States. Therefore we need to buy USD before investing into crypto. I have a lot of wealth in different currency which is correlated to DXY. I guess many other people too. At the moment I'm doing dynamic DCA into USD but I don't know what are the risk levels atm.

    Would you add it? Then I would definitely buy your product!

    You can make a video youtube about it and i'm sure a lot of people would be interested without even realizing now about it.

    best regards!


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