Looking for a solution to revoke anonymous signatures

Hello everyone, & # x200B; I’m currently working on an issue where multiple people can sign documents – let’s call them signers – and give them to end users so they can validate documents among themselves. The way this exchange is handled is through a server *. For the validation to work offline, the signer securely authenticates with the server and asks the server to sign with a root certificate. Users will have the public key of said root certificate offline – this is a core requirement, we generally cannot just send new public keys for new signers. The problem now is that I want to revoke some signers’ signed documents if they turn out to be malicious without different users knowing if their documents are signed by the same signer. That is, I can’t just give the signer an individual key, because then the user can compare to see if they are signed by the same person. I understand that this requires users to go online and communicate with the server, but the assumption is that eventually they will and will be able to retrieve information about revoked signers. To solve this problem I started looking at anonymous signatures and wondered if that was the way to go or if anyone had a better idea how to fix this problem. & # x200B; * = End user documents are encrypted with the user’s public key before they are sent

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