Mining with HiveOS | Step-by-step tutorial and assessment

In this movie, we are going to discuss HiveOs and give you a whole guide to keeping by yourself up to date with HiveOs. We are going to go over all the basics as effectively as some troubleshooting ways and guidelines. This guideline is based on what I’ve figured out although using HiveOs. There is a large amount a lot more to explore and I advise you verify out other articles creators, there are various excellent guides out there! Sorry for the numbering error and if there are extra modifying mistakes !! ⌚ Timestamps: 00:00 – Intro 01:00 – Overview 01:57 – Professionals and negatives 04:00 – Make your account 05:55 – Established up your 1st employee 08:00 – HiveOs flash on SSD or USB 13:00 – Your Overclocking GPUs 5:17 PM – Flight Sheet Setup 24:14 – Remote Relationship & Fundamental Commands 27:16 – Recommendations & Troubleshooting 32:05 – My Conclusion 33:25 – THANK YOU, All people! ⭐ HiveOS Referral Website link – ⭐ Use Promo Code MC2020 for $ 10 Harmony! 🔗 Backlinks: • 5 Uptime Ideas for Mining in Windows 10 – • Windows 10 Finish Guidebook to Mining – ⚙️Items Mentioned in the Online video • Our Suggested Intelligent Plugs | On Amazon | & • RX 5600 XT | On Amazon | • GTX 1660 TI | On Amazon | • RX 580s 8GB | On Amazon | • Motherboard – Asus B250 Mining Skilled | On Amazon | • Memory [RAM] – 1 x 8 GB DDR4 2400 MHz | On Amazon | • Storage [SSD] – Kingston SSD 120GB | On Amazon | • Processor [CPU] – Intel Celeron 3930 | On Amazon | • Electricity supply [option 1] – Corsair HX 1200 | On Amazon | • Power supply [option 2] – EVGA 1200W P2 Platinum | On Amazon | • PCI-E growth card – UBit 6-pack | On Amazon | • PCI-E splitter | On NerdGearz | 🏬 Spots to acquire mining components from: • NerdGearZ (US and CA) – • ParallelMiner (US, CA and far more) – • MineShop (EU and more) – 💻 Mining application / functioning system we use: • HiveOS – Working System | • Kryptex – Application on Home windows 10 | 📹 Check out our playlists! • GPUs Overview | • Mining platforms | • Working Procedure Guides | • General GPU Mining Guides | • Our journey to cryptomining | 🔥 Our advised GPUs – in buy
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20 thoughts on “Mining with HiveOS | Step-by-step tutorial and assessment”

  1. Mining Chamber, thank's a lot for such a detailed review, and useful tutorial, let us comment on a few points regarding cons.

    So, billing.
    Seems like you misunderstood the Starter plan, or at least, you skipped some crucial information there.
    You only goes into detail about 4 rigs mining on Hiveon being free, but seems to have skipped the fact that these same 4 rigs are also free on any other coin (aside from ETH/ETC) on any other pool. Including NiceHash, for instance.

    Transparency: Code is open source all of it is available on Github. Not sure how more transparent you want it to be.

    Account Security: 2FA and email confirmations, we have KB articles dedicated to helping users better secure their account and farms.

    Hashrates seem lower: we've gone over this topic extensively – These say absolutely nothing. Most popular miners (Claymore – which is now dead and PhoenixMiner) are known to inflate hashrates. We have gone over this topic extensively and provided numerous sources and even a tool where users can do these tests themselves.

    As for same OC/same miner issues, This is usually an OC issue. Also, from the sources he provided, he was using the outdated beta to perform these cross-checks, which we don't recommend. The latest stable image is our universal image and as such provides support for all GPUs under our scope.

  2. Thanks for the tutorial, man, very helpful but, what if I don't have a rig, I mean I use my own PC/GPU for mining, do I have to download and install the Hiveos image anyway???

  3. 9:48 the thing I use for internal ssds is called "hdd raw copy tool" and it works just like rufus or the other thing you used in the video (I forgot the name lol) so you don't really need the usb sata connector :p just a heads up!

  4. Great tutorial. I love your channel and website. Keep it up! I did get stuck on a the Hive OS install of all things and here is how I got it working.

    Flashing Hive OS: for whatever reason when I used Etcher I could never get the usb to be bootable. Drove me crazy. Finally used Rufus and it worked. For both when I was finished flashing I ejected and plugged back in my usb drive. That led to Windows saying I had two additional drives separate from my usb that needed to be formatted. I can only think that because the flash partitions the usb Windows saw it as multiple drives. Also, I had to use disk part in the cmd prompt to erase all of these partitions and re-flash the usb.

    Hope this helps someone!

  5. I have a question, I mined for a couple of hours after following this video. It is showing ETH speed 37 MH/s, share 303/0/0, time 3:14.

    So I want to ask is that what does share means? As its showing 303, how many ETH I have generated? How can I calculate it in actual money?


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