NEW 100X COIN! Recoverable value prediction 2021! Nice value prediction! Refined evaluation

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25 thoughts on “NEW 100X COIN! Recoverable value prediction 2021! Nice value prediction! Refined evaluation”

  1. hey, 1 question that worries me: there is no official connection to mr beast or binance. (the blog article can only be found via google and is not on the official website blog.

    also binance just announced on twitter and official blog that they will launch their own nft platform in june.

    no mention of refinable anywhere from binance or mr. beast

  2. Wow! Thanks so much! Will you do a video about teslasafe . Finance? Looks like it’s still early it might moon as well. Suppose to be more deflationary than bitcoin

  3. It was the biggest scam of 2021…..

    Better U should take serious look on MOONTOKEN…. just check on BSC Scan , No big wallet address to dump on market all on a sudden…… very strong Community growing so fast and have a very good potential for upside and they r bringing NFT Market Place also ….. price is still so cheap …… ppl should take it much more seriously than anything now ….

  4. They pumped it right before releasing to public who were NEVER started at the promised opening price, and minutes after trading while tens of thousands of people raced to get in early they dumped. People saying it can still go up – IT DID GO UP, THE WHALES CASHED OUT AND LEFT EVERYONE HOLDING AN EMPTY BAG!!! Lol how you expect people to have any faith in the project when these pieces of shit let this happen? They sold most of the supply before it was available to the public and drove the price up 150x before we got anything then withdrew a bunch of profits. It already went to the moon and we got tricked into sending it there. The huge profits were already made and we bought in at the peak so other people could enjoy their trip to the 🌙 and leave us all underwater.


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