NFT Alley raises $ 1 million USD to build India’s first multi-chain NFT marketplace

NFT Alley, a new marketplace to launch India’s first multi-chain marketplace within the virtual economy, has successfully secured funding from the best investors in the industry. It has raised a total of $ 1 million in seed, private and public rounds.

Notable investors including Amesten Capital, AU 21 capital, X21 Digital, Moonwhale Ventures participated in the funding round. With the backing of these high-quality investors, NFT Alley considers itself lucky and will also receive strategic guidance from the founders of renowned Indian ecosystem projects in its relentless effort to widely introduce NFTs.

NFT Alley marketplace promises to be versatile, a “one stop shopTo store, buy and sell digital collectibles, support local artists and bridge the gap between revenue leakage and revenue for artists and collectors worldwide.

The global market for NFTs has continued to grow with increased momentum from the fourth quarter of 2020. NonFungible had reported that sales of NFTs in the first quarter of 2021 were more than $ 2.1 billion, representing growth of more than 2 100% from the previous quarter, which posted $ 93 million in NFT sales. The industry is no longer just for speculative profits, but is now driving value creation across all sectors.

NFT co-founder Alley Abhijith Dattatreya, says the company will leverage this latest round of funding to build streamlined and intuitive products to meet the growing needs of an interoperable NFT solution that allows users to exchange value between chains with enhanced liquidity. The contributions also foster a strategic relationship and fuel regional marketing efforts to drive NFT to widespread adoption.

With the introduction of new funds, NFT Alley aims to create a platform that promotes a personalized experience for its users through an intuitive and streamlined user interface. NFT Alley would like to express its gratitude to all investors for their support during the trip and a show of appreciation for the entire community. The confidence and support fuel the company to reach greater heights.

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