Nightlife comes to the metaverse when Decentral Games Atari Casino opens

Virtual Land Management DAO Decentral Games continues to expand into the metaverse nightlife with the launch of an Atari branded casino.

The casino will be the third gambling institution for the DAO, which buys land in virtual worlds such as Decentraland and opens digital businesses. Using Atari branding assets, the arguably fair games are designed to “create nostalgia,” according to a Decentral Games press release.

Gamers can play with a wide variety of tokens, including DAI, ETH and Decentraland’s MANA, and there is also a “gaming mining” program in place that rewards gamblers with the Decentral Games, $ DG board token.

Decentral Games – which previously built a number of games for Decentraland on a white label basis before starting out as a corporate DAO – is rapidly expanding into the metaverse nightlife. Last week they announced a digital replica of the iconic Amnesia club. To celebrate the launch of the Atari Casino, they brought in DJ Dillon Francis for a concert with 3,700 attendees worldwide:

The metaverse – a term for interconnected virtual worlds that enable in-game economies – has been a hot industry for speculators and builders since the NFT space has gained traction – enough that major players like Fortnite founder Tim Sweeny have admitted the tech is ‘going to places’.

The metaverse, in particular, could have been an unexpected winner during the Covid pandemic as shutdowns drove brands and consumers online.

“Many industries – entertainment, fashion – have jumped on the cart, perhaps because they have been influenced by Covid. They realize that in this new way they can get in touch with their customers, ”said Lee Lin Liew, CMO of Decentral Games.

“It’s a new standard and a new market that suits us.”