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PotCoin, a cryptocurrency for the digital and global cannabis industry, today announced some new updates, including an NFT treasure hunt with more than $ 150,000 in prizes, new desktop and mobile wallets, and the launch of PotCoin rewards.

New mobile and desktop wallets

With the migration from PotCoin to the Nexus network, one of the most exciting projects to come to life is the launch of new and improved desktop and mobile wallets.

Sending and receiving coins is the network and making it a smooth experience will grow the PotCoin economy and be easy to use for users and traders alike.

“Our old wallets were outdated, slow, and frankly difficult for the average user to use. With that in mind, we’ve completely redesigned Potcoin’s official mobile and desktop wallets. Not only will they be lightning fast, but they will also be incredibly easy to use and intuitive. A separate and detailed announcement will be made in the coming weeks with the official launch of the new desktop and mobile wallets. “
– The PotCoin team

Rewards platform

With the launch of new wallets, the PotCoin team also announced the launch of PotCoin Rewards; an ecosystem platform for reward and loyalty for the cannabis industry.

Vendors and ecosystem partners can now reward their customers, improve loyalty, drive customers and drive more traffic to their business.

NFT treasure hunt

Early next month, the PotCoin team will release the first 5 of 420 unique and rare NFTs on OpenSea and several other NFT marketplaces.

Each NFT has a secret and hidden file that contains the keys to a PotCoin wallet with between 1,420 and 1,000,420 PotCoins. With up to a million coins in one special NFT; that’s over $ 50,000 USD for one lucky hunter.

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