Promoting the future of smart contract development

The Cartesi Foundation will support the research and development of decentralized systems using Cartesi’s products with grants, incubation and academic programs

The technology underlying decentralized systems disrupts infrastructure in many industries and provides a much-needed upgrade for legacy business models in healthcare, finance, and telecommunications, to name a few. As the benefits of implementing blockchain technology become too great for businesses to ignore, bridging the gap between it and the millions of traditional software developers worldwide will signal a move into a new technology age.

Two of the world’s largest technology companies, Deloitte and IBM, are already making significant efforts to broaden the horizons for blockchain technology; Cartesi has already incubated three promising startups seeking to disrupt industries such as IoT and e-Sports and is now joining the industry giants after recently unveiling a special program that will fund, incubate and mentor promising project teams seeking to leverage Cartesi’s technology stack. Cartesi Labs will also provide academic resources to promising researchers and Toolmakers Grants to developers in a move that will further enrich the project’s ecosystem in the future.

Spark ideas, accelerate growth

Starting with $ 1 million in funding available to projects and development teams, Cartesi Labs will provide a full range of opportunities to promising blockchain projects looking to build on the platform. The Cartesi tools, including the Cartesi Virtual Machine, Noether and Descartes, an SDK that DApps can use to perform large or complex calculations off-chain and later code smart contracts with mainstream software, have already been used by several projects to create exciting build solutions. such as renowned CO2 credit certificates for the IoT industry.

As the Cartesi team continues their mission to bridge the gap between the traditional software development world and smart contract development, they will provide the most innovative project founders and teams with access to a wealth of knowledge from some of the industry’s most respected mentors. as part of the incubation process at Cartesi Labs. In addition to technical and strategic advice, projects selected to participate in Cartesi Labs programs will eventually receive financial support through a network of venture capitalists and incubation partners.

Cartesi: Becoming a central gear in the promising future of blockchain technology

The Cartesi team is committed to ensuring that the very best DeFi, NFT, IoT and decentralized gaming projects receive the attention and support they deserve through grants, but they also want to ensure that the tools used to build, understand and use these platforms and protocols. by the wider software development community. By offering academic programs led by highly qualified PhD students and senior blockchain project founders, Cartesi aims to capture the attention of developers eager to get involved in the world of smart contracts and decentralized computing. This will accelerate the overall adoption of blockchain technology and deliver a greater adoption rate that will benefit the entire space.

Cartesi is already causing a stir in the blockchain world with recent partnerships including IOTA, Avalanche and Elrond; After also partnering with the world-renowned mathematical research institute IMPA for the past few months, Cartesi is now looking to turn up the heat and become a major destination for developers serious about changing the face of decentralized systems to provide the help, professional insight and financial support they need.

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