Query about crytography

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  1. >How can your cryptography script for encryption/ decryption be modified to accommodate a humungous amount of data?

    Sounds like a [XY Problem](https://xyproblem.info/).

    Modern ciphers can already ingest a massive ammount of data.

  2. If you’re trying to encrypt/decrypt large files, you will want to read the file in chunks and process the encryption in blocks. This allows you to use a fixed amount of memory, regardless of the file size. You can do this with a steam cipher or a block cipher.

    If you’re properly protecting your keys then you’re likely using some kind of hardware protection (e.g., HSM, TPM, smart card, KMS, YubiKey, etc). In this case, consider using envelope encryption where the master key (i.e., the KEK) gets the hardware protection.


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